Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

Archived website that led to the formation of ALOE.

Solecopedia (SOLidarity ECOnomy encycloPEDIA)

A wiki-based encyclopedia on the Solidarity Economy.

Data Commons Project

A project to build a directory of cooperative economy.


A searchable database of cooperative economy.

News and theory about the Solidarity Economy, run by SEN board member Carl Davidson.

“What’s the Economy For Anyway?”

Information about different aspects of the economy.

Forum on Social Wealth

“Developing a new vision of wealth and value”

“Economic Justice from the Bottom Up: The Solidarity Economy Movement Emerges in Its First U.S.┬áConference”

Background on the first national SEN Conference.

Transnational Institute

A network of scholar activists.

A Economia Solidária

Information about the solidarity economy from the Brazilian Minister of Work and Employment.

Carta Solidaria (Solidarity Charter)

Principles of the solidarity economy.

Solidarity Economics

Article with background.

Community Economies Collective

A collective for promotion of alternative economic frameworks.

“Map of European and National Social Economy Institutions and Organisations”

EMES Network

Information on social enterprise, social economy, solidarity economy, and the third and nonprofit sectors.

New Economics Institute

“The mission of the New Economics Institute is to build a New Economy that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet.”

The Democracy Collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative works to advance a new understanding of democracy based on workplace democracy, broad ownership of capital, equitable and inclusive growth, and environmental, social, and institutional sustainability.

Resources from ALOE (The Alliance for a Responsible Plural and Solidarity Economy)