Philadelphia Mapping Project

On this page: information about our mapping project and embedded map

Google Earth KMZ

Download Google Earth Philadelphia map. (KMZ)

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  • Childcare and Preschool Coops
  • Artist Coops
  • Financing
  • Community Development Co
  • Community Land Trusts
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Community Gardens
  • Credit Unions
  • Food Coops
  • Housing Coops
  • Miscellaneous Coops
  • Other SE Organizations

GIS Maps of Philadelphia Cooperatives

For the June 13, 2012 conference, Exploring Cooperatives: Economic Democracy & Community Development in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Professor Craig Borowiak prepared a series of maps depicting the locations of several cooperatives in the Philadelphia area and their relation to socio-economic demographics. These maps can be found below. More information about the conference and the cooperatives studied can be found at: