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Dilworth, Richardson, Craig Borowiak, and Anne Reynolds (eds.), Exploring Cooperatives: Economic Democracy and Community Development in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Extension, 2016)
Geared towards practitioners, this volume collects and compares diverse case studies of cooperatives in and around Philadelphia and Madison, Wisconsin.

Link to volume at the University of Wisconsin Press

Cover Accountability And Democracy

Accountability and Democracy: The Pitfalls and Promise of Popular Control (Oxford University Press, 2011)
This book explores different historical and theoretical approaches to the question of democratic accountability, domestically and globally. It explores democratic accountability not only as a source of popular control but also as a source of community building and as a source of radical democratic disruption.

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New and Ongoing Projects

For the past several years Craig has been researching the spread of solidarity economy practices worldwide. These practices and the transnational networks that surround them aim to forge alternative economies around principles of social solidarity, cooperation, and community-based development. He studies their potential and limitations as alternatives to mainstream capitalism and as reflecting counter-hegemonic forms of globalization. This research includes a collaborative NSF-funded project mapping and studying the spatial and economic footprint of solidarity economy organizations in the eastern United States. He has created a research website for more information about solidarity economy. He has also co-created a national mapping platform for the U.S. solidarity economy.

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Select Article Publications

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